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In order to be successful companies must have very clear their Vision, Strategy and Action. You make the Vision and the Strategy, we help you with the Action.


Using our serivice means you can rely on a person in a EU location that can do autonomously research, sales calls, visits, new business development, marketing, and all pre-sales activities in order to get revenue from each market you chose.


You have the flexibility to have someone that can work for you for the allotted time you wish, no strings attached, no ties if you do not wish. The Sales Representative, your referent, works autonomously but keeps in constant touch wit you. We work with your email, we give you feeedback on a weekly basis and we have your company's business card. We are your staff only until you decide otherwise.


You will have assigned an Experienced multilingual Sales Representative, that knows the Action for making your company Exporting to different International markets.


Some of our performed tasks:



  • Market research and penetration in new prospective markets.


  • International business growth.


  • Creation and development of Potential Leads database.


  • Marketing support


  • Development and Management of clients portfolios.


  • Sales call, customers visits, account management.


  • Post Sales activities.